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Hi, my name is Marquette Carney

It doesn’t matter how you feel about TikTok. It’s a bonafide fact that you and your business will not be able to escape its influence. 

Not only do 689 million people use the app monthly, but it has forced other mega businesses (like Google, Youtube, and Facebook), to completely change how they deliver content. 

What started as a silly way for Gen-Z to waste time has now completely reinvented how we consume content. And ignoring this changing of the old guard will be like ignoring Instagram in 2017.

However, If you take advantage of this golden period, you’ll see growth that will never be replicated until the first wave of Elon Musk’s Neuralink drops (and ruins civilization as we know it).  

But if you turn up your nose, you’ll be left in the dust, fighting for scraps in a saturated landscape where the winners have already been decided.

Luckily, it’s not too late… yet.

If you play your cards right, you’ll be able to take advantage of this quickly closing window of opportunity and –



But in order to experience this success, you have to follow a few rules. Because the people who win on TikTok are not: 

  • Lazily reposting content from IG or YouTube and hoping that no one notices (that’s like emailing an individual tweet to your newsletter…you’re better than that). 
  • Thinking that they can post videos in the same style that they’ve used in the past (gen-z will eat you alive if you do this). 
  • Thinking that past social media success guarantees their success on TikTok (prepare to be humbled if you think this way). 

In short, TikTok will only let you share in its bounty if you invest in it like a serious marketing channel.

The good news is, the barriers to entry have never been lower:

On Tiktok, you don’t need a professional studio…

You don’t need a fancy outfit…

Never before has a platform let you get away with so little production value.

The real barrier to entry is the *language*. t can take a while to learn, but once you become fluent in TikTok, you’ll be amazed by just how easily (and quickly) your business will grow. 

You can think of me as your personal Rosetta Stone.

My name is Marquette, and I make TikTok approachable

I quickly built up over 100k followers on my own account. And during this process, I began to dissect exactly what separates a good TikTok video from a bad one. 

My secret is that I’m a professional comedian and scriptwriter, which makes TikTok pretty much my element.

My abilities allow me to: 

  • Know how to make every microsecond count
  • Quickly know how to riff off what’s trending on TikTok
  • Easily wrap a serious message in entertainment

I help businesses navigate their way to TikTok growth.

Grow your Business On Tik Tok

(without silly dances)

I work with clients on everything from creating a TikTok virality strategy, short-form media consulting, to partnering with with my team and positioning your business for explosive social media growth.

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